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Coalition Clan is 5 years old on 15th Sept, who will come to the special war night this Saturday?
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Moderators: G-MAN-GUK, Sibren
Sun Sep 14 2014, 02:41pm

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Sounds awesome, always wanted to fly in a chopper, still waiting for Keinname to make that happen for me.

Back on topic, good war night all, thanks for coming. Could we hope for such support on normal war nights each week, or was this a one time deal for most of you?

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Sun Sep 14 2014, 03:34pm

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Was flying this June in a chopper right through the Grand Canyon, it was really awsome!
Try to be there at war night, but had some Problems, because of the reinstallation I had to configure everything. I started the game but had no chance, allways the wrong move and/or the wrong weapon.
Next sunday I have to work 200 miles away, so I have to start early. Maybe I jump in until 10 oclock.
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Sun Sep 14 2014, 08:24pm

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Okay, Grumpy!
Think this is unbeatable against some old farts playing bf4

@GMan: come over here and at least we can fly in the simulator, but be aware, we drive on the "wrong" side.

NoName for KeinName
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Mon Sep 15 2014, 05:30am

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I will try hard to play a few maps saturday night on the server,

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