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If you cant' log into game after latest patch (Feb 25)
Moderators: G-MAN-GUK, Sibren
Wed Feb 26 2014, 05:33am

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After the latest patch which should resolve the soundloop crash several people including myself couldnt log in to anything !

so, here goes:

1. Go into your game directory (dir:\Program files(x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4)
2. If you have a “user.cfg” file, open it in notepad.
3. Delete the command line “UI.DrawEnable 1”
4. Save the file
5. Start the game

Worked for me, hope it works for you guys too.

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Wed Feb 26 2014, 01:22pm

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I posted that fix in the chatbox yesterday Michael, as I had the problem myself, a black screen with flashing cursor in the top right.

[ Edited Wed Feb 26 2014, 01:23pm ]

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