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Battlefield 4 - News
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Moderators: G-MAN-GUK, Sibren
Mon Dec 01 2014, 02:38pm

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Battlefield 3:
Battlefield 2:
Seems strange this, they are encouraging players to just wander around looking for little boxes instead of fighting lol.

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Thu Dec 04 2014, 04:07pm

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Battlefield 3:
Battlefield 2:
Yes, battlefield without battle, LOL !!!

NoName for KeinName
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Fri Dec 05 2014, 03:49am

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Battlefield 3:
Battlefield 2:
I was wrong about having all 4 dog tags to get the black and white one. Maybe once you complete the Phantom assignment. I don't know.

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country!"
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Sat Dec 06 2014, 12:38pm

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Battlefield 3:
Battlefield 2:
New Phantom Bow EOD/MAV glitch:

Put on phantom tag and camo's (Body and gun)
Get 4 people with the map tags to enter elevator
Place EOD bot outside the elevator
Enter the EOD's cam
Get someone to start up the elevator
Stay INSIDE the camera of the EOD until you see the elevator re-open
Exit bot cam and enjoy

BUT !!

Dice wants to distribute bans who is using this glitch. (Stat reset, etc.)

1. You lock the target, 2. You bait the line, 3. You slowly spread the net, 4. You catch the man
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