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Awards - October 2011

Soldier of the Month Admin of the Month Donator of the Month
Skyliner219 vern240sx Synergychords
SharCat Conger_Tom kenposthlm
ahayter17 KeinName1969 GRS

War Score Spoiler:

Posted by G-MAN-GUK on Monday 10 October 2011 - 20:02:35 | Comments: 11  |  printer friendly
SharlieCattrall 10 Oct : 20:12
Oh my god! my first soldier of the month award and its silver!

KeinName1969 10 Oct : 20:43
Gratz Sharcat.

Silver soldier of month and not just with a small amount of points.

Just like to thank now all members who vote for me as bronze admin of month. (Will do screenshot).

SharlieCattrall 10 Oct : 20:49
thanks Kein
congrats on admin of the month

Headhunter 10 Oct : 20:50
Gratz all my friends

Tipsey 10 Oct : 23:46
Congrats to all WINNERS

kenposthlm 11 Oct : 00:53
gratz and i did end up at 4 place SWEET never thought that im happy for that

grats all to the winner

Theslayerghost 11 Oct : 18:07
congratz all
wow sharlie on second :O

IWO 11 Oct : 19:03
Gratz all winners

sky219 11 Oct : 20:42
Gratz to everyone for the award

Conger_Tom_64 15 Oct : 03:33
gratz sky, vern and syn!


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