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Reapplication to come back...
@ adam the fact that your banner under your avatar says "MEMBER" means the big kahuna has ok'd it!
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Posted by St_Ides on Monday 29 October 2012 - 00:09:45

Need help with PC trouble.
two things....first turn that comp off before any irreversible damage occurs if it hasn't already......second use isopropyl alcohol and coffee filters to remove the old stuff and use arctic silver the...
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Posted by St_Ides on Wednesday 30 May 2012 - 18:38:24

Application For Member :D BF2
Donations are dearly needed to keep this server alive as most members have gone onto BF3 and the BF2 server is now apparently running at a loss, were not asking that you alone keep it alive but whatev...
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Posted by St_Ides on Sunday 13 May 2012 - 00:21:37

CC application
Kein is giving you good reviews despite your name, which is whats kept the rest of us from giving you a flat out "NO" I'm sure, a new name is needed indeed, if you want admin you will be required to d...
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Posted by St_Ides on Friday 20 April 2012 - 07:21:18

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