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sorry all
Moderators: G-MAN-GUK, Sibren
Mon Mar 09 2015, 12:47pm

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hi clan and hi all BF palyers and fans, sorry for be off so long from site and also clan war, but ill going 200% on work me an my working freind are working weekends, i work mon-thursday, day off friday then its my weekend, then im off monday and work tusday- friday, then its her time next weekend, its going well on work the speaking as spread about my work on the horses so ppl are more and more intresed to hunt for an box in the stabel, we have soon 40 horses and i have controll on 20 of them, so its tough and mixed days, im also yeard maniger, big responsebilety to control all the space its alot of them as well, fixing the arena and walker as well, i can can put up long list here but i skippit now , also have an new car i take cear of, and the dog the home and the famely, going to gym bacaus my segerys, im bad luck to have, im better and im alive, my boss call me " viking " = Vikings, in 1 year i have bin gone for 2 days totaly, all from 20 - to 35 + windy or snow, rain or sun ill be there, however hard work and i need time to rest when i can, u are the best clan and illgona suport it as long i can and as long the clan are alive,

best regards from me,
PM me if u whant my FB or mail and we can contact HOAH CC forever,
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Mon Mar 09 2015, 01:59pm

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Good to hear from you ! Just hollar if you get the time to play.



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Mon Mar 09 2015, 10:37pm

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This all is nothing to be sorry about1
we all have to work for our food!
But really nice to hear you you are still alive!

NoName for KeinName
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Wed Mar 11 2015, 11:56am

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Hi Kenpo, was thinking of you a couple of days ago, good to know you are happy and everything going well.

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Fri Mar 13 2015, 04:49am

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Thanks for the update Ken

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country!"
- General George. S. Patton
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Fri Mar 13 2015, 06:11am

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ill stick around over time to day again my working friend are sick again ;( but have weekend day off
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