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Motorcyclist crashes in helmet law protest, dies
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Mon Jul 04 2011, 01:46pm

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A bare-headed motorcyclist riding in protest of New York state's helmet law crashed, struck his head on the roadway and died from his injuries, state police said on Sunday.

Philip Contos, 55, was riding among a large group of motorcyclists staging an organized protest ride in western New York near Syracuse against the state law requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets.

The Parish, New York, resident crashed on Saturday on Route 11 in Onondaga, New York, and was pronounced dead later at a local hospital, state Trooper Robert Jureller said.

"The doctor felt that the death could have been prevented if he simply had been wearing a helmet," Jureller said. "He hit the brakes, lost control, was ejected and struck his head on the road. He suffered a skull fracture."

looks like that made that protest a mute point

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Mon Jul 04 2011, 05:51pm

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Sometimes, it just doesn't matter if you wear a helmet or not. My brother was wearing his, but it didn't help. I would rather be surrounded by steel in an accident.

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Mon Jul 04 2011, 07:04pm

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I think it should be the rider's choice. Same with seat belts. Who the hell is the government to tell us what we can and cannot do? F the government! Everyday they take away more and more freedom from us! F them! They're supposed to be working for us, yet they act like they own us. Obama's bitch ass wife is going to tell us what we can and cannot feed our kids? Fuck her! That bitch is going to tell me I can't go to a Wendys, McDonalds or whatever... she can lick the sweat off of my balls after a 5 mile run! They're now trying to pass a law telling people they can't smoke in their own homes if they live in an apartment or condo.
WTF? When did we become a dictatorship? I don't even smoke, but it's just not right! I'll stop here before I really go off and the FBI comes to my house! Because they're taking away our freedom of speech also. Wake up America!

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country!"
- General George. S. Patton
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Mon Jul 04 2011, 08:42pm

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Can I just say that I don't like
most rich people, but you get it.

We built this country
on the right to bear arms.

Now they're trying to tell me how many
bullets my gun can shoot per second.

They're trying to tell me
whether I can stockpile weapons...

...in the shed behind my house.

- Right, by God.
- Anyway, you're a rich guy that gets it.

You and Mel Gibson.

-You Don't Mess With Zohan (2008)

Here's the deal -- I'm the best there is. Plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence. - Ricky Bobby

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Mon Jul 04 2011, 11:34pm

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Helmets make the difference between open casket or closed casket funerals.

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