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Phantom Bow News


Posted by Headhunter on Saturday 31 October 2015 - 12:54:44 | Comments: 3  |  printer friendly
G-MAN-GUK 03 Nov : 12:55
Certainly a lot easier than the usual unlocking for weapons. Is this a glitch?

Headhunter 03 Nov : 17:23
It's not a glitch . I think it's very difficult to make it in the old way . Are there any dog tag server ? So everyone can get the bow . For us hardcore Battlefield players dogtag search was of course mandatory . But this bow shall be weaker .... says the web .

AX666 21 Jan : 15:45
thx Heady, got it but i got a prob whi the 200 kills and 50 Headshoot´s i dont get the Dogtag for BX


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